Vote for number 136

I’m a centre-right liberal city politician from Helsinki. Currently I work as the President of Youth of the National Coalition Party. I am a Student of Law at the University of Helsinki and Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University.

I’m truly a son of West Helsinki. Until I was 20 I lived in Malminkartano, from where I moved to my first apartment in Hernesaari. Nowadays I live in Kamppi.

As president of Youth of the National Coalition Party I’ve been actively involved in Finnish politics as a member in the party’s board of directors and e.g. parliamentary and minister groups. I’m also member of educational board in Helsinki.

I want to build an international Helsinki where everyone is welcome to work and study now and in the future! Helsinki has to be a place where talent and expertise is appreciated and there are jobs for skilled workers, despite your background.

Right now Helsinki needs:

More affordable apartments and efficient transport system.
Investments in our world class universities, upper secondary schools, primary schools and the education system as a whole. Helsinki has to be the best city in the world for students.
Affordable hobbies, places to exercise and a lively city culture.
Smart economy and new digital services. We have to be able to afford our well-being in the future as well.

Can you vote in the Helsinki City Council Elections? EU/EEA citizens: You can vote if you have lived in Finland for longer than 51 days. Others: You can vote if you have lived in Finland for at least 2 years.